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The Distilled Theatre Company is committed to presenting unique, diverse, innovative, and reimagined theatrical experiences by focusing on, and extracting the most essential elements of theatre:

1. Material    2. Artists    3. Environment    4. Audience

We strive to refine each essential element to its purest form of human connection and storytelling. 

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dis till


to extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of.


Experience the essential elements of theatre in a new way with our full scale productions.  Click here to learn how to immerse yourself  in our upcoming reimagined productions!

Join us as we celebrate and extract the music from your favorite shows in our fully realized concert events including our critically acclaimed 

BROADWAY UNDER THE STARS!  Click here to find out what's next!

Through the power of our talents, our stories, and technology we can still connect. We can still share. We can still feel.  Distilled is proud to offer our VIRTUAL SERIES.  Click here to find human connection in a virtual world!

DISTILLED is proud to celebrate our local artists!  Let us be your direct connection to our incredibly talented company of artists for your upcoming events, parties, and productions!  Click here to book top talent today!



Would you like to audition for an upcoming production?

Would you like to learn how to volunteer or become a member of the Board?

Would you like to become a Sponsor?

Would you like to purchase tickets to an upcoming production?

If this sounds like you, or if you have any other questions, please send us an email.  You can also leave a voicemail at our information hotline listed below, and we will return your call as soon as possible.



PO Box 864

Lexington, KY 40588

Tel: 859.935.1564​

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