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The Distilled Theatre Company is committed to presenting unique, diverse, innovative, and reimagined theatrical experiences by focusing on, and extracting the most essential elements of theatre:

1. Material    2. Artists    3. Environment    4. Audience

We strive to refine each essential element to its purest form of human connection and storytelling. 

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dis till


to extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of.




Distilled Theatre Company believes that every theatrical work has the ability to be experienced in countless ways when transferring from the page to the stage.  When exploring the material for a new project we feel it is essential to look at the work with fresh eyes; free from preconceived notions.  Whether it be a work fresh off the Broadway stage, or a celebrated Golden Age musical; how do “we” tell this story? We begin our creative process by treating each script, each score as a new work.  What do the words on the page tell us to do?  How do the notes on the page inform us of the world we must create to tell this story in its purest form?  What is the clearest and most direct path to human connection when sharing what the original authors have given us?


Distilled Theatre Company believes that every story can be told by a million different voices.  Every artist has the ability to transform into countless characters. We always begin our casting process with the question, “Who tells this story?”  This approach frees us from the confines of “traditional” casting, allowing the script and the artist’s talent to determine how a character will look or sound.  We encourage all artists to seek out the essence of a character and build from there.  Distilled is drawn to artists who are unafraid to break beyond the boundaries and stereotypes of previous interpretations, and find a new way to tell the character’s story.




Distilled Theatre Company believes that theatre cannot be bound by the limits of physical space.  Theatre and art in general can only be bound by the limits of our own imaginations.  By utilizing unconventional theatre spaces and staging techniques, we hope to take our audiences on a journey that encourages them to expand the limitations of their own imaginations.  With each new project we challenge ourselves with the questions, “What do we need to tell this story?” and “What can we introduce environmentally to enhance our ability to share this story with our audience?”  Quite often these unconventional environments breathe new life into the material and allow our artists and audience members to view the material with fresh eyes.


Distilled Theatre Company believes that our audience is the final character missing from each new production.  We feel that theatre is meant to be experienced, not observed.  With each of our artistic endeavors we allow the material to tell us how our audience members should experience the story being told.  How do we fully realize a human connection with our audience?  By immersing our audience within the telling of a story we give them the chance to feel the emotion and heartbeat that propels the action, instead of simply observing it from afar.  We ask our audience to release themselves from the traditional safety of the “fourth wall” and to fully experience the story for the first time.



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